Bitmap smart clipping using OpenCV
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#Bitmap Smart Clipping using OpenCV

based on

recommend iOS version:

#Demo Screenshots

demo screenshots


  • using OpenCV to detect faces firstly, if have faces, won't cut faces off
  • using OpenCV to detect other characters secondly, if found significant zone, won't cut it off
  • using FAST feature detector instead of SURF, thanks for @yanunon


  • copy config file to app dir

    String configPath = TClip.copyConfig(context, TClip.CONFIG, R.raw.haarcascade_frontalface_alt);
  • get cropped bitmap

    //config: /data/data/com.demo.tclip.debug/haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml
    Bitmap ret = TClip.crop(configPath, sourceBitmap, width, height);


  • download OpenCV & unzip to /home/user/opencv-android-sdk
  • export OPENCV_PACKAGE_DIR="/home/user/opencv-android-sdk"
  • & from beartung/nonfree-opencv-android
  • using FAST feature detector without libnonfree
  • cd jni && ndk-build