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Article on MCMP publishing my metalogic handout.

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+title: Learning mathematical philosophy
+description: The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy is publishing
+ resources on their website for students interested in learning mathematical
+ philosophy, including my handout on the compactness and Löwenheim–Skolem
+ theorems.
+The Bristol [Formal Methods Seminar] is aimed at teaching new postgraduates some
+of the formal methods used in much of modern philosophy. During the first term
+we've concentrated on logic: thus far the sessions have covered introductory set
+theory, basic metatheorems of first order logic, and the incompleteness of
+arithmetic. Next up are modal and temporal logic, while after Easter the focus
+will shift to formal epistemology and decision theory.
+Many of the handouts from these seminars have now been made available on the
+Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy's website, in their section on
+[learning mathematical philosophy]. In particular, they have my handout on the
+[compactness and Löwenheim--Skolem theorems].
+Since the Formal Methods Seminar isn't a full-on logic course, I didn't have
+time to cover all of the material I would have liked to, and consequently the
+handout is somewhat incomplete. In particular the downwards Löwenheim--Skolem
+theorem is not proved, although of course the proof is available in any good
+logic textbook. I hope to correct this omission at some point, and if anyone has
+corrections or suggestions, please do [email me](
+[Formal Methods seminar]:
+[learning mathematical philosophy]:
+[compactness and Löwenheim--Skolem theorems]:

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