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An elegant, flexible WordPress theme
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[Tarski] is an elegant, flexible [WordPress] theme developed by
[Benedict Eastaugh]. As a WordPress extension it is licensed under the GPL;
please consult the COPYRIGHT file that should have been provided with this
README for more details.

This version of Tarski requires **WordPress 3.2**, but it works fine with
**WordPress 3.3** too.

  [Benedict Eastaugh]:


Tarski is installed like any other WordPress theme: upload the files to the
`wp-content/themes` directory of your WordPress installation, and activate it
from the Appearance page in your WordPress admin panel.


Tarski provides its own options page, allowing for the easy customisation of a
number of aspects of the theme. Just go to the Tarski options page in the
Appearance section of your WordPress admin panel and adjust the settings.


Apart from the options which Tarski supports two basic extension mechanisms:
plugins and child themes. Both of these are provided by WordPress, but Tarski
improves upon them in several ways, firstly by providing a larger repertoire of
API hooks which plugins can use, and secondly by allowing users to select
alternate styles and header images from child themes as well as Tarski itself.

### Child themes

Tarski's extensive API and large library of utility functions, allied to the
customisability provided by its options page, makes it an excellent base for
building WordPress [child themes].

  [child themes]:

### Writing plugins

Tarski's theme hooks [API] is an extension of the basic WordPress hooks
API, and allows for major modifications to be made to almost every aspect of
the theme's functionality.  [Writing Plugins] explains the process of creating
a plugin that modifies some aspect of Tarski, while the [Hooks Reference] is a
complete API reference. A library of [example plugins] rounds out the
documentation with example code.

  [Writing Plugins]:
  [Hooks Reference]:
  [example plugins]:


Tarski relies on contributions from the community. The main areas of activity
are: reporting bugs; creating and updating translations; building child themes;
writing plugins; and lastly, improving the theme itself.

### Reporting bugs

Bugs should be reported on the Tarski [issue tracker]. Security issues should be
reported directly to [Benedict].

  [issue tracker]:

### Translations

There are a large number of translations already available for Tarski, but new
and updated localisation files are always welcome. Please see the
[localisation page] for more details.

  [localisation page]:

### Core contributions

If you want to contribute directly to the core Tarski code, please fork the
project on [GitHub], make your changes in a topic branch and send
a pull request. Contributions are particularly welcome in the following areas:

  * Improving the hooks documentation
  * Auditing the code for potential security issues
  * Suggesting API extensions and improvements

Happy hacking!

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