A few tools I've written to aid development and production of my WordPress theme, Tarski.
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Tarski Utilities

The files included in this repository constitute a toolset for working with Tarski, a WordPress theme. Hopefully they will prove useful to someone.


rake changelog       # Generate a new changelog HTML file.
rake feed            # Update the version feed to notify Tarski users of
                     # the new release.
rake hooks           # Generate the hooks documentation page.
rake plugin_version  # Add version data to the Tarski website plugin.
rake update          # Creates a zip archive, and updates the version feed
                     # and changelog.
rake zip             # Create a zip file of the lastest release in the
                     # downloads directory.

Required libraries

These tools are written in Ruby, so they require the RubyGems packaging system and the following gems. Git is also a requirement.

  • Rake to run the tasks.
  • Builder: programmatic XML generation, required to create the Tarski version feed.
  • RDiscount: Markdown format reader and writer, used to read Tarski's changelog file.
  • RubyPants: Nicer typography with SmartyPants.
  • Hpricot: DOM scripting in Ruby for HTML and XML, used to parse the Tarski changelog and generate a list of links to each version's entry in the changelog.