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PCRYPT - Javascript encryption for privacy and security in cloud computing

The PCRYPT library create a framework for secure and private cloud computing. 
It is implemented with javascript, PHP and MySQL as the data store.
The background is to handle as much processing in the browser with 
javascript and only use PHP and MySQL as a thin layer to store data.
All data is encrypted with AES before it is sent over the internet. It
is very flexible to use the library for any purpose as long as you implement
most of the features in javascript and need to store some data on the server.
I created this for the same reason that so many other systems have been made.
I was not satisfied with what was there in the first place. I created this 
system as a hobby project to get a secure and private library.
I have created an online password crypt system to demonstrate use of the 
library. You can find it here:

Data you enter is encrypted and decrypted via Javascript in your browser! 
This means that only encrypted data is sent over the internet to and from the 
server. Encryption and decryption is done with 256 bit standard AES inside 
your browser on your own PC. The master password you enter is never 
transmitted over the internet. The master password is only stored in 
your browser as long as the browser window is open and you are logged in. 

AES 256 encryption of data
Do not rely on cookies
Compression of data with LZ77
JSON strings used to store any data
Work with most browsers

Need the following other libraries: (adodb_lite and phpmailer) and run with PHP 
5.3.3 and MySQL 4.1.20 (works fine with older versions). Linux is currently needed 
for the random routine in PHP (easy to change)

Nobody knows for sure how secure this library is! If somebody finds a way to 
break AES encryption or an implementation error is made - security may be 

The core pcrypt code/library is released as Open Source (GNU General Public 
License - GPL) and also in a commercial version. The dual license model is 
designed to meet the development and distribution needs of both commercial 
distributors (such as OEMs, ISVs and VARs) and also open source projects. 
If you want to use the pcrypt system in a commercial project (not open source) 
please contact me. Standard tools as Javascript, PHP and MySQL have been used 
to create the complete system. The Password crypt site is not open source but 
please feel free to browse the source and use it as inspiration for your own 
project (as a demonstration of pcrypt use). The source code for pcrypt is 
available on Github.


Javascript encryption for privacy and security in cloud computing



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