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BSIPA Build status

Beat Saber IPA - The mod injector tailored for Beat Saber

How To Install

  1. Download a release (
  2. Extract the contents into the game folder
  3. Run IPA.exe
  4. Start the game as usual

A console window should open before the game starts if the installation was successful.

To disable this console window, pass --no-console to the game.

How To Uninstall

  1. Drag & drop the game exe onto IPA.exe while holding Alt
    • Or run ipa -rn in a command window


IPA.exe file-to-patch [arguments]

  • --launch: Launch the game after patching
  • --revert: Revert changes made by IPA (= unpatch the game)
  • --nowait: Never keep the console open
  • See -h or --help for more options.

Unconsumed arguments will be passed on to the game in case of --launch.

How To Develop

  1. Create a new Class Library C# project (.NET 4.6)
  2. Download a release and add IPA.Loader.dll to your references
  3. Implement IBeatSaberPlugin or IEnhancedBeatSaberPlugin
  4. Build the project and copy the DLL into the Plugins folder of the game.

See Developing for more information.

How To Keep The Game Patched

BSIPA will automatically repatch the game when it updates, as long as winhttp.dll is present in the install directory.

Notes for running under Wine

For some reason, by default, Wine does not load DLLs in quite the same way that Windows does, causing issues with the injection. To make the injection work with Wine, winhttp has to have a DLL override set to native,builtin. This can be set either through Protontricks, or with the following .reg file.




  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 or later
  • Tools for C/C++ (MSVC) v141
  • .NET 4.6.1 SDK and .NET 4.7.2 SDK


  1. Clone with git clone --recursive
  2. Create a file, bsinstalldir.txt in the solution root. Do NOT create this in Visual Studio; VS adds a BOM at the begginning of the file that the tools used cannot read. It should contain the path to your Beat Saber installation, using forward slashes with a trailing slash. e.g.
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Beat Saber/
  1. Open BSIPA.sln in Visual Studio.
  2. Choose the configuration x64
  3. Rebuild all. Any time you make a change, ALWAYS Rebuild All.

When building a Debug build, all referenced assemblies from Beat Saber will be copied from the install directory provided in bsinstalldir.txt into Refs/. Any new references should reference the copy in there. When building for Release, it just uses the files already in Refs/

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