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📖 BSMG Wiki  CI Status

✏️ Contributing

If you wish to contribute, submit a pull request with your changes. A wiki maintainer will review your changes and merge them in if deemed appropriate.

🧪 Development

To run a local copy of the wiki:

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Install Yarn
  3. Fork this repo, then clone it. Make sure to do all work on another branch.
  4. Open a command-line window in the directory you just cloned into, then run the command yarn to install required packages.
  5. After packages are installed, start the development server with the command yarn dev. You can kill the server by closing the terminal or by pressing CTRL+C
  6. Open the link to localhost that appears in the console once the development server is running.

When you make changes to your local wiki files, the local website will update those pages as soon as they are saved! Note: Sidebar headers do not change due to an issue with Vuepress. They will render correctly if you restart the dev server, and on the final build.

Once you have finished making changes, you can either commit them directly using git tools, or copy them into the GitHub web interface if you don't know how to use git.

🚀 Deploying

The wiki is deployed using Docker. Pull the latest image and run it. It exposes port 80, which can be remapped to whatever.

🔐 Licensing

The code that generates the wiki is licensed under the MIT License. The wiki content is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 License

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