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Painless subtitle downloader

Downloading subtitle for one or more files is just a command away. It can get any better then this.


npm install -g subdownloader

How to use

  • Navigate to the folder in which you have the file for which you want to download subtitles through command prompt.
  • Execute subdownload command and let all the magic happens.
  • sd is a shorthand command. You can use sd instead of subdownload


  • To download subtitles for all the movies in a folder execute.

    > subdownload

  • To download subtitles for single movie execute.

    > subdownload --listLangs

  • To list available languages for subtitle.

    > subdownload "Movie Name"

  • To download subtitles for more then one movie but not all movies in a folder execute.

    > subdownload "Movie Name" --lang=fr

  • To download subtitles of specific language.

    > subdownload "Movie 1" "Movie 2" .... "Movie n"

  • To enable deep download means to download subtitles for files in a folder as well as subfolders.

    > subdownload --deep

  • Use > subdownload --help for listing all the options available.


var subd = require('subdownloader');

//filesArray - is the array of path to the files for which 
//you want to download the subtitles
//obj - in return you will return an object having success and failed files array
	//=> { success: [successfile1,successfile2], failed: [failedfile1]}


Demo image

Note : This module uses SubDB to download subtitles.


MIT © Chintan Radia