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#ifndef CS240_LINKED_LIST_H
#define CS240_LINKED_LIST_H
#include <string>
//! LLNode implements a doubly-linked list node
class LLNode {
friend class LinkedList; //!< LinkedList can access private members of LLNode
//! Constructor
LLNode(const std::string & v, LLNode * p, LLNode * n) : value(v), prev(p), next(n)
//! Copy Constructor
LLNode(const LLNode & other) : value(other.value), prev(other.prev), next(
//! Read-only public methods for use by clients of the LinkedList class
const std::string & GetValue() const
return value;
LLNode * GetPrevious()const
return prev;
LLNode * GetNext()const
return next;
//! Assignment operator
LLNode & operator=(const LLNode & other)
return *this;
std::string value; //!< value stored in the node
LLNode * prev; //!< pointer to previous node in the list
LLNode * next; //!< pointer to next node in the list
//! LinkedList implements a doubly-linked list
class LinkedList
//! No-arg constructor. Initializes an empty linked list
//! Copy constructor. Makes a complete copy of its argument
LinkedList(const LinkedList & other);
//! Destructor
//! Assignment operator. Makes a complete copy of its argument
//! @return A reference to oneself
LinkedList& operator =(const LinkedList & other);
//! @return true if the list is empty, or false if the list is not empty
bool IsEmpty() const;
//! Removes all values from the list
void Clear();
//! @return the number of values in the list
int GetSize() const;
//! @return a pointer to the first node in the list, or NULL if the list is empty
LLNode * GetFirst()const;
//! @returns a pointer to the last node in the list, or NULL if the list is empty
LLNode * GetLast()const;
//! Inserts value v into the list after node n
//! @param v The new value being inserted
//! @param n A node that is already in the list after which the new node should
//! be inserted.
//! If n is NULL, the new node should be inserted at the beginning of the list.
//! @return a pointer to the newly inserted node
LLNode * Insert(const std::string & v, LLNode * n);
//! Searches for the first occurrence of value v that appears in the list
//! after node n
//! @param v The value being searched for
//! @param n The node in the list after which the search should begin.
//! If n is NULL, the list should be searched from the beginning.
//! @return a pointer to the node containing v, or NULL if v is not found
LLNode * Find(const std::string & v, LLNode * n) const;
//! Removes node n from the list
//! @param n The node being removed from the list
void Remove(LLNode * n);
void Output(std::ostream& cout){
LLNode* tNode = head;
cout << tNode->value;
tNode = tNode->next;
LLNode* head;
LLNode* tail;