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This repository has all of my code for the labs in my CS 240 class. I have supplied this code to make completing the labs easier, to show examples of my work to potential employers, and to be a reference for others. This code should not be used dishonestly, especially in a course with similar requirements. If this code is found to be used dishonestly, I disavow any involvement.



A graphical game of chess. The UI was provided by the instructor, but I implemented all of the backend code. The UI is not included in this repository, but any UI can be used with minor changes to the source. Features include:

  • Undo/redo
  • Move validator
  • Save to/load from file


Implementation of a LinkedList and a Binary Search Tree. Both are free from memory leaks.


Proof of concept showing that I can use the qsort method. This is implemented using double pointers to reduce overhead.


Resolves a URL given a base URL and a relative URL.


Indexes a website given a start URL. For simplicity, only pages in the current domain are indexed. This project is still in progress. The README on that page has more information on the implementation design.