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import deimos.ev;
import std.stdio;
import std.conv;
import std.socket;
Socket[socket_t] sockets;
extern (C) void sigintCb (ev_loop_t* loop, ev_signal *w, int revents) {
ev_break(loop, EVBREAK_ALL);
// another callback, this time for a time-out
extern (C) void socket_watcher_cb(ev_loop_t* loop, ev_io *w, int revents) {
writeln("Socket ready");
// grab our socket and then remove it from the array
auto req = sockets[cast(socket_t)w.fd];
char[1024] buf;
auto received = req.receive(buf);
writefln("%d bytes read. Data:\n%s", received, buf[0..received]);
req.send("You said: " ~ buf[0..received] ~ "\nHello!!\n");
ev_io_stop(loop, w);
extern (C) void connection_cb(ev_loop_t* loop, ev_io* w, int revents) {
auto server = cast(TcpSocket*)(*w).data;
auto req = server.accept();
// allocate on the heap; I'll release it later, I swear =D
ev_io* watcher = new ev_io;
// stick out Socket object somewhere where we can get it later
// we can't use because the GC doesn't check data
// allocated by C (unless asked really nicely)
sockets[req.handle] = req;
ev_io_init(watcher, &socket_watcher_cb, req.handle, EV_READ);
ev_io_start(loop, watcher);
void startServer(ushort port) {
auto serverSock = new TcpSocket();
serverSock.setOption(SocketOptionLevel.SOCKET, SocketOption.REUSEADDR, true);
serverSock.bind(new InternetAddress(port));
ev_io server_watcher; = &serverSock;
// use the default event loop unless you have special needs
auto mainLoop = ev_default_loop(0);
ev_io_init(&server_watcher, &connection_cb, serverSock.handle, EV_READ);
ev_io_start(mainLoop, &server_watcher);
// set up our signal watchers
ev_signal signal_watcher;
ev_signal_init(&signal_watcher, &sigintCb, /*SIGINT*/2);
ev_signal_start(mainLoop, &signal_watcher);
// now wait for events to arrive
ev_run(mainLoop, 0);
void main(char[][] args) {
if (args.length != 2) {
writeln("Usage: tcp_server <port>\n\tport: 0-65535");
ushort port;
try {
port = to!ushort(args[1]);
} catch (Exception e) {
writeln("Could not parse port.");