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gzip-js is a pure JavaScript implementation of the GZIP file format. It uses the DEFLATE algorithm for compressing data.

Please note that since this is a pure JavaScript implementation, it should NOT be used on the server for production code. It also does not comply 100% with the standard, yet.

The main goal of this project is to bring GZIP compression to the browser.


There is only one function so far, zip:

function zip(data[, options])

  • data- String of text or byte array to compress
  • options- object with options; options include:
    • level- compression level (1-9); default 6
    • timestamp- UNIX timestamp (seconds); if omitted, the current time will be used
    • name- optional; original name of the file

Sample usage:

var gzip = require('gzip-js'),
	options = {
		level: 3,
		name: 'hello-world.txt',
		timestamp: parseInt(Date.now() / 1000, 10)

// out will be a JavaScript Array of bytes
var out = gzip.zip('Hello world', options);