Synchronizes files from client to server using node for both client and server
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Node-filesync is a file synchronization system utilizing NodeJS in both the client and server.


The client communicates with the server through a websocket and pulls updates from the server when necessary. The various components are:

  • Watched files database
    • Implemented with PostgreSQL
    • Updated on filesystem events (inotify or similar)
    • Used in periodic sync checks
    • Keys are hashes based on the filepath, timestamp and size
    • Values are filepaths
    • Keys are reverse searchable as well
  • HTTP client
    • Pushes changed files to the server
    • Pulls changed files from the server
    • Stores files to be uploaded in a priority queue
    • Stores files to be downloaded in a priority queue
    • Opens websocket with server (server notifies all clients of file changes)


The server communicates changes through open websockets with clients and serves file upload and download requests. The particur components are as follows:

  • File database- implemented with CouchDB
    • Key- md5 hash of file
    • Value- owners, file data, and location of file on server
  • Files stored on disk according to md5 sum
    • Directory structure determined by md5 sum
    • Filename is md5 sum
  • HTTP server
    • Opens websockets with each client and pushes file change notifications
    • Responds to file download requests
    • Responds to file upload requests
    • Responds to watched file data requests (all files watched)

State of the project:

This is a work in progress and in pre-alpha stage. These features are implemented and seem to work:

  • File downloads (not thoroughly tested)
  • File uploads in node
  • Listening to filesystem events given a parent directory using inotify
  • Hashing on server and client
  • Directory structure on server
  • Server database backend to track uploaded files
  • Client database to track file synchronization with server