Be more liberal with parameters #3

beatgammit opened this Issue Jul 15, 2011 · 0 comments

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Some or all of the following invocations should work (some don't seem very useful though):

Arguments are just a bunch of compression algorithms (like the next one).

squish('gzip', 'lzma')

Arguments are explicitly an array of strings representing compression algorithms.

squish(['gzip', 'lzma'])

Single compression algorithm.

squish('gzip', GZip, [args...])

Single object representing a compression algorithm.

    type: 'gzip',
    constructor: GZip,
    args: someArguments

Single object with a constructor-less compression algorithm (same as squish('gzip'))

    type: 'gzip'

Array of mixed objects

        type: 'gzip'
        type: 'lzma',
        constructor: LZMA,
        args: someArguments
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