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Displays dependencies between apps in your Django/python project
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A simple utility for showing cross-app dependencies in Django (or other Python) projects.

Example output for a project with several apps, including api, crawlers, repository:

  "api": [
  "crawlers": [
  "repository": [

At a glance you can see that the api app uses the Mp and Party models from the repository app.

Many imports are removed before rendering the result because they do not affect how your apps interact with each other:

  • External, 3rd party imports - an app might import os but your other app doesn't care about that

  • App-internal imports. For example, the api app has several files that import api.contract but that is hidden because it does not affect how apps interact with one another. These internal imports may be shown with the -i flag.

Additionally, you may remove test files/modules from the results with the -t flag.

By default, imports are shown at the per-app level. If you want more detail use the --maxdepth [int] argument which will give you dependencies on the submodule- or file-level.

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