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fixed setting of boolean env variables. fixed usessl: let's not make …

…any guesses as to whether the port is secure or not.
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1 parent 400f670 commit 07dff5edf0ca335a848f9baaf002acc76d1f8287 @andrebeat andrebeat committed Nov 13, 2011
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10 src/adapters/
@@ -34,17 +34,17 @@ class IrcBot extends Robot.Adapter
server: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_SERVER
password: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_PASSWORD
nickpass: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_NICKSERV_PASSWORD
- fakessl: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_SERVER_FAKE_SSL or false
- unflood: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_UNFLOOD or false
- debug: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_DEBUG or false
- usessl: process.env.HUBOT_IRC_USESSL or true
+ fakessl: !!process.env.HUBOT_IRC_SERVER_FAKE_SSL
+ unflood: !!process.env.HUBOT_IRC_UNFLOOD
+ debug: !!process.env.HUBOT_IRC_DEBUG
+ usessl: !!process.env.HUBOT_IRC_USESSL
client_options =
password: options.password,
debug: options.debug,
port: options.port,
stripColors: true,
- secure: if options.port is "6697" and options.usessl then true else false,
+ secure: options.usessl,
selfSigned: options.fakessl,
floodProtection: options.unflood

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