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Tag: v0.3.1


= PowerReviews

Integrates the third party PowerReviews service with Ruby. Currently focused on Ruby on Rails
but includes some tools to aid in non-rails tasks like data feed generation and automated
zip downloads/uploads.

== Dependencies

PowerReviews gem requires FasterCSV[] for csv generation and
Whenever[] for managing your crontab. It also requires that
a native +zip+ tool be installed.

  which zip
  # /usr/bin/zip

== Getting Started

Step one, install the gem.

In your rails environment file:

  config.gem 'power_reviews', :source => ''

  rake gems:install
or from your shell:

  gem install power_reviews --source=
With the gem installed it's now time to generate the necessary files in your rails project.
From the root of your rails project run:

  script/generate power_reviews
Which will output:

  exists  lib/tasks
  create  lib/tasks/power_reviews_tasks.rake
  exists  config/initializers
  create  config/power_reviews.yml
  create  config/initializers/power_reviews.rb
  create  config/schedule.rb

=== Power Reviews configuration

Define which files the PowerReviews::Sync class will be looking for when doing its nigtly download
of files, like the database.yml file in your rails configuration you can have a different configuration
for each environment. In this example, for development PowerReviews will use the local filesystem instead
of connection to the ftp server with the live data.

[+:protocol+]   is the type of sync client you wish to use +:cp+ or +:ftp+
[+:zip+l]        the zip file you will receive from Power Reviews

    protocol:   cp
    zip:        test/
    done:       test/brand_done.txt
    datafeed:   tmp/
    protocol:   ftp
    done:       brand_done.txt
    username:   user
    password:   passy

== Example

Copyright (c) 2009 K2 Sports, released under the MIT license
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