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This repository contains the documentation about E-Maj.

1- About E-Maj

E-Maj is a PostgreSQL extension.
The main goals of E-Maj are:
- log updates performed on one or several sets of tables.
- cancel these updates if needed, and reset a tables set to a predefined stable state.

E-Maj repository can be found on github ( 

2- License

E-Maj and its documentation are distributed under the GNU General Public License.

3- Supplied files 

- README                   this readme file
- Emaj_doc_en.odt          E-Maj user's guide in English
- Emaj_doc_fr.odt          E-Maj user's guide in French
- Emaj_pres_en.odp         E-Maj presentation in English
- Emaj_pres_fr.odp         E-Maj presentation in French

The presentation offers a quick overview of the extension. It may be used to easily discover 
what is E-Maj. You may also use it as presentation support to present the extension to some 
other people.

The user's guide is the reference documentation that explains what is E-Maj, how to install 
it and how to use it.

4- How to improve the documentation

The source files are built with Open Office or Libre Office softwares:
- the user's guides are produced by WRITER,
- the presentations are produced by IMPRESS.

Only a pdf version of these documents is supplied with each official E-Maj distribution.

Any improvement on these files is welcome and can be sent to the maintainer (see below).

If you wish to suggest improvements of the user's guide, be sure to record changes when 
using WRITER so that these changes can be easily located.

5- Support

For additional support or bug report, please contact Philippe BEAUDOIN 
(phb <dot> emaj <at> free <dot> fr).

Any feedback is welcome, even to just notice you use E-Maj.