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  • Add ability to specify flag defaults in ~/.config/projects for each command
  • Modify node-helmsman so that it doesn't require() all files (and add ability to specify description, etc. from the helmsman object); this will be a large speed increase
  • Be as git-like as possible when the concepts are similar/the same to prevent having to learn a new way of doing things
  • Flesh out the query API (by number of issues, by last update, by dirty status, by number of collaborators, number of npm stars, number of packages used, etc.)
  • Open a browser on Windows, Linux (just uses OS X open right now)
  • A web API and examples of what you'd do with it
  • Add GET/POST/DELETE/PUT to the web API and add the concept of a master repository?
  • More well-defined attributes
  • Think more about efficiency
  • Get more people to write commands
  • Talk to people about their workflows
  • More workflows for Alfred
  • projects grep for grepping (or git grepping) all files in projects
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