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GitHub and Google Drive Services, compatibility updates to WP 5.6.2, PHP 7 + 8

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@beaulebens beaulebens released this 28 Feb 20:10
· 16 commits to trunk since this release
  • CHANGE: Default branch has been renamed to trunk to match WordPress projects. Update your refs.
  • Enhancement: BREAKING: Removed delicious service (they have shut down completely). Props @sanmai.
  • Enhancement: BREAKING: LinkedIn now uses OAuth2. Props @glendaviesnz.
  • Enhancement: fetch_profile_picture method added to Twitter service. Props @glendaviesnz.
  • Enhancement: Added a GitHub Service definition, props @alperakgun.
  • Enhancement: Added a Google Drive Service definition, props @scruffian.
  • Enhancement: Trim spaces off API keys etc to avoid mistakes when copy/pasting. Props @kbrown9.
  • Enhancement: Allow all 2xx response codes to be considered "Success" for all requests, for all protocols. Props @bgrgicak for the proposal.
  • Enhancement: Add translator comments. Props @scruffian.
  • Enhancement: Define the self endpoint for Tumblr, and add helper methods to retrieve user info. Props @glendaviesnz.
  • Enhancement: Add a keyring_{service}_request_scope filter for OAuth2 services, matching the existing filter for OAuth1 services. Props @glendaviesnz.
  • Enhancement: Add a 'full_response' param to Keyring_Service_OAuth2::request(), which will cause the method to return the full HTTP response object. Props @glendaviesnz.
  • Enhancement: Some services (looking at you, Strava) seem to double-encode redirect URIs, resulting in "corrupted" parameter names. Added a method to clean that up.
  • Bugfix: Make the Google services always request a refresh token for offline access. Props @kbrown9 and @atrniv for input.
  • Bugfix: Update Strava to use refresh tokens and offline access, per their new API requirements. Props @mdrovdahl for pointing it out.
  • Bugfix: Update use of add_submenu_page() to comply with WP 5.3. Props @jhwwp ( for the fix.
  • Bugfix: Apply the keyring_access_token filter consistently in Google Services. Props @pablinos.
  • Bugfix: Use static "Cancel" URIs in UIs. Props @pgl.
  • Bugfix: Remove some code from Eventbrite.
  • Bugfix: Ensure that PUT requests have a Content-Length header set. Props @glendaviesnz.
  • Bugfix: Compatibility with more recent versions of PHP7, and PHP8.
  • Bugfix: Apply keyring_access_token filter properly in Instapaper.
  • Bugfix: Remove redunant is_service check (enforced via method call signature). Props @sanmai.
  • Bugfix: Remove hover event on action links in Service listing UI.

Note this is a re-issue of the v3.0 release to include the correct header in keyring.php