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Morphological metrics in Ruby.
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A Ruby implementation of metrics described in Larry Polansky's article
Morphological Metrics--henceforth referred to as MM in this documentation--
available here:

Plus some lucky bonus AI stuff.

In development. This is so pre-alpha. Don't even use this.


Here's a list of things that needs to happen before you should use this:

    - Should this library have these search functions, or should they be
      split into another library? Is there a standard for doing this in
      Ruby already?
    - Angle. What the hell to do with angle. Combinatorial angle?
    - Implement a wider variety of possibilities for adjacency functions, esp.
      the notion of a variable adjacency interval.

Test coverage
    - Additional tests for all of the metrics supplied in MM.
    - Tests for important utility functions.
    - Test for multimetrics.
    - Test search functions.

    - Improved comments
        + Better description of what different scaling methods do in different

Example code
    - Should have a brief tutorial based on MM which walks through the
      composition of a short piece of music.
    - Possibly also a scientific computing example.

    - Decide what license to use.

Code cleanliness
    - Think about this
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