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LIRI Node App

Built by Beau Simpson

This Node based app was built using the following Node packages:

  • Node-Spotify-API
  • Axios
    • OMDB API
    • Bands in Town API
  • Moment
  • DotEnv

To use the app the user must first:

  • Supply their own .env file
  • Install the required Node packages:
    • npm install

Enter node liri.js to run program

liri.js can take in one of the following commands:

  • concert-this

  • spotify-this-song

  • movie-this

  • do-what-it-says

What Each Command Should Do:


node liri.js concert-this <artist/band name here>

Outputs the following of the user submitted artist:

  • Name of venues
  • Venue locations
  • Date of events

Example of concert-this command: Image of concert-this command

Example of concert-this results: Image of concert-this results


node liri.js spotify-this-song '<song name here>'

Outputs the following of the user submitted song:

  • Artist
  • Name of Song
  • The album the song is from
  • A preview link of the song from Spotify
  • If no song is submitted, the program will output data for "The Sign"

Example of spotify-this-song command: Image of spotify-this-song command

Example of spotify-this-song results: Image of spotify-this-song results


node liri.js movie-this '<movie name here>'

Output the following from user submitted movie:

  • Title of the movie.
  • Year the movie came out.
  • IMDB Rating of the movie.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating of the movie.
  • Country where the movie was produced.
  • Language of the movie.
  • Plot of the movie.
  • Actors in the movie.
  • If no movie is submitted, the program will output data for the movie 'Mr. Nobody.'

Example of movie-this command: Image of movie-this Command

Example of movie-this results: Image of movie-this results


node liri.js do-what-it-says

  • LIRI will take the text inside of random.txt and then use it to call one of LIRI's commands.
  • By default it will run spotify-this-song for "I Want it That Way"

Example of do-what-it-says command: Image of do-what-it-says command

Example of random.txt file contents:

Image of random.txt file

Example of do-what-it-says results: Image of do-what-it-says results

As a bonus feature:

  • The program will log all commands, returning data and the time stamp of when the command was run
    • All of the data is stored in log.txt

Work in Progess:

  • Added Inquirer node package so that LIRI works from the command line
    • liri-with-inquirer.js is still a work in progress


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