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Ghostwriter is a Movable Type plugin that adds a control to change the author on Edit Entry and Edit Page screens.

Perfect when the person entering or editing content is not the user to be specified as the author.


Editing Entry/Page Author

An Author select list will be displayed on the Edit Entry and Edit Page screens for users with:

  • a role (in the current blog) containing the privilege to Edit All Entries.
  • the System Administrator system permissions.

Valid authors can be selected from a dropdown list (as shown in this screenshot) or from a searchable, popup dialog.

Ghostwriter Screenshot

Authors Select Menu Population

There are two ways in which the Author select list is populated...

Note: The select menu will not appear if only one user matches the population method in use.

  • Populating by role is the recommended configuration. In the system plugin settings, the Author Role(s) field can be populated with a comma-separated list of roles. When this field contains any value, users with the specified roles on the current blog will be listed in the Author select list.

    To list all authors with the roles "Author" or "Editor" enter the following in the Author Role(s) field:

    Plugin Settings Screenshot

    Note: Roles specified which do not exist will be ignored, but will cause the Author select list to be populated by role.

  • If no value is specified in the system plugins settings, the default population behavior is to list with users whom have a role (in the current blog) containing the privilege Create Entries and/or Edit All Entries... essentially any permission to post

If the entry/page is associated to a user who no longer has the ability to publish entries based upon one of the above methods, they will be listed and selected when viewing an entry they are the specified author of. If the author is changed and the form submitted, the user will no longer be listed unless they match one of the above methods.

The Author select list is available as either a dropdown list or a popup dialog. This selection is made from the system plugin Settings screen.


Movable Type 4.0 or greater

Note: an issue in MT4.01 doesn't allow changing page authors, but fixed in MT4.1+.


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Revision History

v1.5 - 2011 Jul 25
Converted to a config.yaml style plugin.
Added a popup dialog author select option.
v1.3 - 2010 Jan 11
Initial MT 5.x fix
v1.2 - 2009 Aug 21
Always include current author in select menu.
Limit list of available authors to a specific role(s).
v1.1 - 2007 Sep 20
Removed some testing code
v1.0 - 2007 Sep 19
Initial Release


Plugin Website



Artistic License 2.0 (see file)


A plugin for selecting Author on Edit Entry/Page screen.




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