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@github-actions github-actions released this
· 95 commits to master since this release
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What’s Changed

⚙️ Config

  • Add full stops to rule messages and descriptions. (#33) @mwz
  • Make formatting of xml config more consistent. (#31) @mwz
  • Add regex param to HeaderMatchesChecker rule in the default config. (#27) @mwz

🧰 Maintenance

  • Add config category to release drafter. (#35) @mwz
  • Fix the label of the ScalaDocChecker rule. (#34) @mwz
  • Fix snapshot versioning. (#32) @mwz
  • Label scala-steward's PRs with Mergify (#30) @mwz
  • Fix munit interface. (#28) @mwz
  • Add release drafter. (#29) @mwz

🔧 Dependency updates