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Asset manager for Kohana 3.3
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Beautiful Asset

Asset management for Kohana.

The idea

The idea involves Asset_Groups and Assets. An Asset represents one file that needs to be included in an output. I left that previous sentence fairly abstract on purpose. An Asset is simply a resource to be grouped into an Asset_Group.


You can use this module with or without configuration. Things do get a lot neater and make for easier changes if you do use configuration however do what you will.

Describing an Asset

The first class we'll introduce is Asset. An Asset represents a single file (or asset funnily enough) and can be used to individually render such files.

Take an example of including a CSS file on your web page, you would simply echo the following:

echo new Asset_CSS('css/screen.css');

Asset::__construct() takes a second argument, an array of additional configuration.

echo new Asset_CSS('css/screen.css', array(
    'attributes' => array(
    'cache_buster' => TRUE,

``` php
echo new Asset_Group(array(
    new Asset_CSS('css/screen.css'),
    new Asset_CSS('css/print.css', array('media' => 'print')),
    new Asset_Less('css/testing.less'),

Using the default Kohana config reader you could have described this like so:

return array(
    'groups' => array(
        'stylesheets' => array(
            array('CSS', 'css/screen.css'),
            array('CSS', 'css/print.css', array(
                'attributes' => array(
                    'media' => 'print',
            array('LESS', 'css/testing.less'),

And then only had to do this in your PHP:

echo new Asset_Group('stylesheets');

So really it's up to you.

Asset Types

These Asset types will be shipped when complete:

  • JavaScript
  • Cascading StyleSheets
  • Less
  • Coffee

Asset Caching

For use in production environement you can now use Asset_Cache. It is basically a handy decorator for caching your asset compilations.

echo new Asset_Cache(new Asset_Group('javascripts'));

// Or 
echo Asset_Cache::group('javascripts');


This module is still in development currently.


Luke Morton



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