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Add Komodo IDE Beautify-js addon by @babobski

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@einars einars authored
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@@ -433,6 +433,7 @@
<li><strong>vim:</strong> <a href="">vim-jsbeautify</a>, a plugin by Maksim Ryzhikov (node.js or V8 required),</li>
<li style="margin-top: 8px"><strong>Emacs:</strong> <a href="">Web-beautify</a> formatting package by Yasuyuki Oka,</li>
+ <li style="margin-top: 8px"><strong>Komodo IDE:</strong> <a href="">Beautify-js</a> addon by Bob de Haas (<a href="">github</a>),</li>
<li style="margin-top: 8px"><strong>C#:</strong> ghost6991 <a href="">ported the javascript formatter to C#</a>,
<li style="margin-top: 8px"><strong>Go:</strong> ditashi has <a href="">ported the javascript formatter to golang</a>,
<li style="margin-top: 12px"><a href="">Fiddler</a> proxy: <a href="">JavaScript Formatter addon</a>,
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