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tabs (\x09) not being decoded #115

waldyrious opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It looks like the tool translates most hexadecimal escape sequences, but \x09 (the tab character) seems to be left untouched. If this is intentional, maybe there should be an option to also convert them.


By default, the beautifier leaves all strings completely unchanged, and may do some sequence translation only when doing decoding/unpacking.

Can you give an example of the script that stays with the \x09 in the output when run through the beautifier where you think it should be formatted? (you can drop me it into mail if that's not for public).


Sure. I ran this through the beautifier, and all other escape sequences were converted except for the tabs.


Thanks, it is fixed now.

@einars einars closed this

Python version handles this case correctly, no fix needed.

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