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Support CSS? #68

se7h opened this Issue · 8 comments

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HTML and JS formatted perfectly, but no CSS

Will support CSS in future?



I myself don't have any plans on that — but I didn't write the HTML mode either. So, if somebody steps up to it, they are most welcome :)


Thanks for your post!

but exists de facto alliance "html + css + js" and the simplest in structure does not supported in js-beautify ( - contains part for CSS formatting

Best Regards


I'm also looking for that feature (in fact a php class, but as I've seen an already existing php port of jsbeautifier, I guess that if jsbeautifier was supporting css, then all ports would support it also, which would be awesome :) )

I've googled a little, I've seen mostly csstidy, which is outdated (2007, php4 at that time)


@jdespatis What do you mean by "outdated"? AFAIK CSS syntax has not changed in years, and it does not look that it will anytime soon.


@laacz Sorry, I was indeed talking about the php class of csstidy, it has been coded in php4, I get a bunch of warning, notices and so on when I launch it from php 5.3

And well besides this, I'm testing csstidy on a css and the css (which is valid) becomes invalid, I can see in it a bunch of "\A" strings...

If only csstidy was on github, some pull could be done to make it php5.3 friendly and maybe correct some bugfixes (those \A for example that appear for some reasons)
but afaik, csstidy is not on github, right?


Since it is under LGPL, you can put it on github yourself :) Fetch trunk from SF SVN, and off you go. Probably a polite thing to do would be trying to contact author before that.


You're right @laacz I'm currently trying to contact the developer of csstidy


I believe nightwing has done this, closing

@einars einars closed this
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