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support for uglifier

var g = void 0,
h = !0,
i = null,
j = !1;

should become

var g = undefined,
h = true,
i = null,
j = false;
einars commented Jan 24, 2012

Only these replaces wouldn't help much, taking into account other optimizations uglifier can make.

I'd see a good use for a generic "fattener" of javascript though — adding back missing optional braces, semicolons and expanding ternary operators, but it'd require a proper javascript parser, building a proper syntax tree, much like the uglifier does, quite impossible to do with the current puny beautifier parser.


I had a similar request over at Google code compiler.

De-compressing nested ternary strings would be incredible, though I agree, it'd be difficult to automagically fatten up minimized code.


Are you talking about just the three examples you mention above or something more general?


Out of scope. See #254.

@bitwiseman bitwiseman closed this Jun 9, 2013
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