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Nodalities, Issue 12

January 2011
  • Open Government Data for fghting fires: when no trafc rules apply
  • Introducing David Wood, Vice President of Engineering at Talis Inc
  • Linked Data at The Guardian
  • Linked Data Around the Clock
  • Linked Data: Say What You See
  • The Plings Project
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Linked Data
  • Best Buy and the Semantic Web

Nodalities, Issue 11

September 2010
  • BioPortal: Bringing Semantic Technology to Biomedicine
  • Without Linked Data, no Semantic Web
  • Semantifying Pingback: Learning from the Blogosphere
  • Two Planes, an IT-related Sitcom, and Lessons in Platform Engineering
  • The Data Publishing Three-Step
  • Semantic technologies and the publishing world: what can they ofer each other?
  • Facebook: David Recordon talks with Talis about the Social Graph

Nodalities, Issue 10

May 2010
  • Drupal: Semantic Web for the Masses
  • Rattle: Data Mining with Linked Data
  • Science Commons: What's common about science?
  • Government and Data: Greater London Open Data
  • Facebook and the Open Graph
  • Excellence at the Click of a Button: The Research Funding Explorer
  • Growing Graphs: Talis working toward a linked future
  • Linked Data APIs
  • Triplification Challenge

Nodalities, Issue 9

#####Feb 2010

  • Open data and the law
  • Sharing data on the Web
  • Conference Report: ESTC2009
  • keeping up with a LOD of changes
  • Rights Statements on the Web of Data
  • Applying Licenses and Waivers to Linked Data

Nodalities, Issue 8

Oct / Nov 2009
  • GraphOS: the data web as an operating system - Alan Morrison from the PWC Tech Forecast looks at the world of interconnected information
  • DataIncubator: What it is and What's in it - Leigh Dodds (Talis' Platform Programme Manager) introduces DataIncubator.
  • The Web of Data-Remixed! - Michael Hausenblas and Richard Cyganiak from DERI explore Sigma for data aggregation and browsing.
  • Are Clouds Green - Paul Miller discusses the environmental friendliness of cloud computing and storage.
  • Juice: A Partner for Linked Data - Richard Wallis introduces a way to bring reuse and sharing of innovation.
  • Tom Steinberg Talks with Talis about the Work of MySociety.

Nodalities, Issue 7

Aug / Sept 2009
  • What kind of data is on the Guardian's Datastore? - Simon Rogers, editor of the Guardian's Data Blog explores the Datastore at the Guardian.
  • Trends and Barriers - Zach Beauvais discusses opening up data and Open Access.
  • The Greatest Challenge Facing IT - Lee Feigenbaum and Mike Cataldo of Cambridge Semantics introduce Anzo and tell the story of data collaboration
  • Building a Civic Semantic Web - Joshua Tauberer tells us all about his civic hackery in the US.
  • Waiving Rights over Linked Data - Talis CTO Ian Davis explains the difference between licensing and waivers and shows us how to open our own datasets.
  • Might Semantic Technologies Permit Meaningful Brand relationships? - Paul Miller explores Brand in a Linked Data world
  • RDFa and Linked Data in UK Government Websites - Mark Birbeck of Backplane Ltd talks about the UK public sector embracing RDFa
  • Search Engines, User Interfaces for Data, Wolfram Alpha, and More... - Interview with Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb
  • Garlik Announce Open-Source of 4Store - Podcast transcription with Tom Ilube and Steve Harris of Garlik

Nodalities, Issue 6

Mar / Apr 2009
  • Linking Data and Semantics at O'Reilly - Gavin Carothers and Charles Greer tell O'Reilly Media's Linked Data story.
  • Discovering SPARQL - Alex Tucker exposes SPARQL endpoints via Bonjour.
  • Linked Data In(ter)Action - Benjamin Nowack discusses Paggr Personal Aggregator.
  • Introducing: STI International
  • Social Semantic Web Scales in the Cloud - Simon Schenk discusses SemaPlorer
  • Streams, Pools and Reservoirs - Leigh Dodds explores flowing data

Nodalities, Issue 5

#####Nov / Dec 2008

  • Building Coherence - Tom Scott tells the BBC's story of weaving onto the web
  • Doing more with your data - Bill Roberts introduces Swirrl, and explains where the Semantic Web fits in with the world of wiki.
  • Getting Connected - Justin Leavesley thinks everything's getting connected.
  • Enabling the Linked Data Ecosystem - Leigh Dodds explores the Linked Data Ecosystem.
  • David Provost Talks with Talis - David Provost talks with Tais about "On the Cusp" his industry report on the Semantic Web
  • LIBRIS - Linked Library Data - Soderback and Malmsten tell the story behind LIBRIS, the Sedish national catalogue.
  • A conference comes of age - Tom Heath looks back at ISWC

Nodalities, Issue 4

Sep / Oct 2008
  • Anatomy Of A SearchMonkey - Peter Mika's run-down of Yahoo's new Semantic Web search platform
  • Twine - Nova Spivack gives us an update from the beta of their social interaction application
  • Generation Zero - Ian Davis asks where all the Semantc Web applications are
  • A Call To Arms - John Sheridan and Jeni Tennison on the London Gazette and Public Sector's use of Semantic Web technologies
  • Discovery and Usage on the Web Of Data - Michael Hausenblas and VOID
  • Finding Answers on the Semantic Web - Mathieu d'Aqin and Lopez from KMI introduce Watson and PowerAqua

Nodalities, Issue 3

July/ Aug 2008
  • Semantic Technology in ht financial Industry - Eric Hoffer's look at the Semantic Web in the financial sector
  • SemTech 2008 Highlights - A wrap-up of Semantic Technology 2008 and a look forward to 2009
  • New Web Cambrian Explosion - Killer Apps? Andraz Tori and the need for applied Semantic Web tech
  • Cherry-picking the Semantic Web - Oxford University Libraries and the need for next-generation curation
  • Marketing the Semantic Web - Greg Boutin on telling a Semantic Web story
  • Databases and the Semantic Web - Juan Sequeda and the data integration problem: RDF to the rescue?
  • Semantic Search: The Myth and Realit - Alex Iskold on Semantic Search: Myth, Reality or something else?

Nodalities, Issue 2

May / June 2008
  • Blue Oceans - Ian Davis and Zach Beauvais discuss the 'Blue Ocean' opportunity facing those who embrace the Semantic Web
  • Social Networking - Garlik CEO Tom Ilube introduces the notion of 'social verification'
  • Environment - David Peterson puts semantic technologies to work in the fight against Climate Change
  • Predictable Mavericks - Talis CEO Dave Errington looks back at the company's past, and forward to a semantically powered future
  • Open World Thinking - Nadeem Shabir argues that Semantic Web developers need to see the world differently
  • Dow Jones and Thomson Reuters - Read transcripts of recent conversations with these factual information powerhouses, and learn how the Semantic Web is being put to work.

Nodalities, Issue 1

April 2008
  • WWW2008 - Tom Heath looks at the importance of Linked Data, and outlines key issues for discussion in Beijing
  • The value of Web 3.0 - Mills Davis of Project10X asks how Web 3.0 differs from the previous phases of the Web
  • Podcast roundup - News of the latest Semantic Web podcasts from Talis
  • Talis Engage - Nadeem Shabir reports on development work that delivered a commercially viable enterprise application with the help of the Talis Platform.
  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee talks with talis about the Semantic Web - The full transcript of this recent interview with the Father of the Web
  • The Semantic Web gang - Experienced Semantic Web practitioners debate the readiness of this technology for mainstream corporate adoption


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