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Welcome to the Beaver Builder Feature Requests and Roadmap board.

The board was created as a result of customer requests for a place to post and vote on feature requests as well see what the Beaver Builder development team is working on.

This is an experiment that might not work out in the long run but we'd like to see if it can!

View, post, or vote on a feature request

View existing feature requests

Feature requests are stored in GitHub as issues and can be accessed in the Issues section.

If the Issues section does not exist at this location or you're unable to post a new feature request, it means that we've closed it down temporarily to manage. It will become available when maintenance is finished, so check back later.

Post a feature request

If you've viewed the list of feature requests and yours isn't listed, post it in Issues. Make sure to select the right product so it gets labeled appropriately.

Vote feature requests up or down

When you open a feature request (issue), you'll see a smiley face. If you want to vote in favor of that feature, click that icon and select the Thumbs Up icon. This ensures your vote is counted and allow us to filter the results by the number of Thumbs Up votes.

Note: Thumbs Up is the only accepted way to vote, even though other options appear. (If we could remove them, we would.) Comments and other icon clicks will not be counted towards the vote total.

If you don't think the feature is a good idea, click the Thumbs Down icon instead.

Example of how to vote on an issue:



  • We may edit or consolidate issues to keep them tidy and organized and to improve clarity, all to help us make decisions about which issues to implement.
  • Just because a feature request is really popular doesn't mean it will get added. While customer feedback is really important to us, there are other factors we include in feature decisions.

View the Roadmap

Click Projects > Roadmap or just click here. You can see what feature requests we are considering, what we've already started or are testing, and what was recently pushed live.


Feature request board for Beaver Builder products.