Sass mixins to create an essentials only Flexbox grid.
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Flexbox Grid Mixins

A set of Sass mixins for Flexbox


This is not a fully fledged grid system, and does not try to be.

It is a set of Sass functions and mixins to quickly and deliberately layout a page, component, etc. using flexbox. Flexbox is not as difficult as people believe it is, nor does it require as much markup as many will lead you to believe.


There are only 2 parts to using these mixins: defining your flex parent, and defining its children.

NOTE: each function and mixin is documented inline, but is in the process of being outlined here for ease.

Defining the Flex Parent

.parent {
  @include grid();

Defining Flex Children

.child {
  @include column();


  • Write complete documentation in the README
  • A demo page, like every other grid