PHP web app to aid freelancers filter potential projects using a grade based system.
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Project Philter


This was a project that was built in two weeks. I plan to recode this project from the ground up as a WordPress plugin.


What I will aim to do with my final project is to create a system for filtering and accepting clients. From a 10,000 ft. birds eye view, this system will initially act as a streamlined process for weeding out potential "bad" clients/projects before allowing the user to proceed with any paperwork. The system will allow the user to define a small set of initial standards that need to be met in order for the user to consider taking on a project. The system will them take in project requests from potential clients or leads, and filter there inquires against the users standards. The user will then get a report that scores the leads request against what they are expecting, and the user can decide to take the next steps or decline the project.