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Universe, a bebOS Dimension Host Implementation

Universe is an implementation of a bebOS Dimension Host. Universes are open-source dimension hosts for BEB, a protocol keeping the internet human. Universes are accessed by clients such as B7B.

This is an early work that is subject to heavy changes, see our Github Issues if you wish to contribute.

See our developer documents at bebOS Dimension GraphQL APIs.

Self-hosting Your Universe

Deploy on Railway

We've provided a starter Dockerfile for you, with MONGO_URL and JWT_SECRET as ARG parameters.

We have a self-hosting guide on our docs which walks through Railway deployment all the way to using our resolver contract.

  1. You'll need a MongoDB server, either by deploying MongoDB yourself or using a hosted solution such as MongoDB Atlas or Railway with our tutorial.
  2. You'll also need to deploy this Dockerfile to a hosting location of your preference (Railway, Heroku, etc).
  3. Once you have a hosted url, you can set this path in the BEBverse resolver smart contracts. For example, foo.beb would resolve to your host at See our self-hosting guide for more details!

Contribution Guidelines

The bebdomains/universe repo follows the conventional commits guidelines, please be sure to respect them when committing.

When opening a Pull Request and you are not already a core contributor to @bebdomains, be sure to explain your pull request in greater detail so there's less churn when reviewing and we can get your changes landed ASAP, thank you!

Developing in the bebdomains/universe repo

Welcome to the setup guide for Universe! To start, you'll need node.js, yarn, and mongodb configured locally.

Once you have node.js, yarn and mongodb, you'll need to fill the following environment variables to have a fully operational bebOS instance on localhost:

.env file setup

MONGO_URL=mongodb+srv://... # your local mongo url

Optional environment variables

BLOCK_INITIALIZE=true # Block the initialization of communities on your universe
GLOBAL_MODERATOR_ID=abc123... # An account id that can moderate all dimensions
IMGUR_CLIENT_ID=123... # Enable imgur image uploads on all dimensions

Once your environment is configured, run yarn dev --self-hosted to have a running instance, and play around with graphql commands at localhost:8080/graphql!

Useful Links


Universe is an open-source implementation of a BEB Dimension, part of bebOS








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