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Cilex, a simple Command Line Interface framework

Cilex is a simple command line application framework to develop simple tools based on Symfony2 components:

require_once __DIR__.'/cilex.phar';

$app = new \Cilex\Application('Cilex');
$app->command(new \Cilex\Command\GreetCommand());

Cilex works with PHP 5.3.2 or later and is heavily inspired on the Silex web micro-framework by Fabien Potencier.


Installing Cilex is as easy as it can get. Download the cilex.phar file and you're done!


Cilex is licensed under the MIT license.


Q: How do I pass configuration into the application?

A: You can do this by adding the following line, where $configPath is the path to the configuration file you want to use:

$app->register(new \Cilex\Provider\ConfigServiceProvider(), array('config.path' => $configPath));

The formats currently supported are: YAML, XML and JSON