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  • Added UserResponseInterface#getRealName() method, also a new default path realname was added, this path holds the real name of user
  • Added UserResponseInterface#getNickName() method, also a new default path nickname was added, this path holds the nickname of user
  • [BC break] Renamed path username to identifier to make it more clear that this path should hold the unique user identifier (previously username)
  • [BC break] Method UserResponseInterface#getUsername() now always returns a real unique user identifier, and uses path identifier
  • [BC break] OAuth1RequestTokenStorageInterface#save() second param $token must now be an array


  • Added UserResponseInterface#getAccessToken() and UserResponseInterface#setAccessToken
  • OAuthToken#getCredentials() returns an empty string to be consistent with the security component. The access token can still be retrieved from the getAccessToken() method


  • All authentication requests are now redirected to the login path


  • firewall_name is a required setting


  • OAuth 1.0a support (linkedin/twitter/generic)
  • [BC break] Configuration type 'generic' is renamed to 'oauth2'
  • [BC break] redirect.xml routing has to be imported. See the setup docs