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initial commit of ext/mysql adapter for Zend_Db

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0 parents commit 6657a987abb388e9b7aca2866434a13c74942e05 @beberlei committed Jun 11, 2009
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+This project is an implementation of a Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract
+for the ext/mysql. It passes all unittests of the Zend_Db testsuite
+for an adapter and should therefore be very robust.
+The purpose for implementing an adapter for the deprecated ext/mysql
+is the legacy application reason. A considerable share of people probably has
+legacy applications that use mysql_* functions. You can inject this Zend
+adapter into these applications wihtout having to use multiple db connections.
+$db = new Whitewashing_Db_Adapter_Mysql($options);
+To set or get the mysql Resource:
+$mysql_conn = $db->getConnection();
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