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Example App Setup for Training/Workshops

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Doctrine Example App


  1. git clone
  2. Call "php bin/composer.phar install"
  3. Copy config.yml-dist in config.yml
  4. Configure config.yml MySQL/PgSQL/SQLite


A simple CarDealer example to show various mapping scenarios and Doctrine features.

It runs completly on the command-line and integrates an SQL toolbar that shows queries whenever they are executed.

You can write new commands by extending a simple class:

namespace CarDealer\Basic;

use Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager;
use CarFramework\ConsoleScenario;

class VehicleScenario extends ConsoleScenario
    public function play(EntityManager $entityManager, array $args)
        // your testcode here

Command names are automatically detected from the namespace+class name, however they are just simple Symfony Console commands. You can extend the configure method. See the docs for more information:

To run a console command just call to see the help and a list of all the commands

bash> php console

Also there is a sample scenario:

bash> php console example:basic:vehicle

To shup the SQL Logging messages up just run with the -q flag.

bash> php console example:basic:vehicle -q


Just clone this repository then call composer to grab all the dependencies:

php bin/composer.phar install
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