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Original repo:


Register pre and post processing callbacks for any function or method.


  • Rework internal datastructure from a list to a hashtable to optimize for large callback stacks.


  • Refactor to pass method/function name to callbacks as first argument
  • Refactor callbacks to allow any PHP callback not just strings
  • Allow to modify arguments in pre callbacks.
  • Reimplement fc_list() as fc_list_all()
  • Implement fc_list_callbacks($function)
  • Implement way to stop event propagation and function execution gracefully
  • Implement ways to remove callbacks (How?)
  • Add fc_add_instance_pre($instance, $method, $callback), fc_add_instance_post($instance, $method, $callback) methods to register callbacks only executed for a sepecific instance only.
  • Add hook for class instantiation to allow lazy loading of callbacks for instances or classes.