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-Pearanha is an application-level PEAR/Pyrus Installer
+# Pearanha is deprecated
-With Pearanha you can manage dependencies of your application with the pear or
-pyrus installers. Framework or library dependencies and their script files will be installed
-into your application directory for easy use with version control systems and
-PHAR deployment.
+# Please use Composer instead
-Internally Pearanha uses "pear config-create <new_pear_dir> <configfile>" and "pear -c <configfile>"
-to manage the application specific pear registry.
-After installing, using Pearanha is a two step procedure:
-1. Call pearanha <project_vendor_directory> and the PEAR installer creates a completly self-sustaining installation into the given directory.
-2. Call the <project_vendor_directory>/my_pearanha script to access this PEAR installation without hazzle.

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