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Couchbase 2.0 API based on pecl/memcached. For 3.0 see couchbase-php
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Couchbase PHP Client

This package allows you to access Couchbase database servers from PHP.

Quality Notice

The code here is a first stab, none of this is final, and we may have made a few bad choices along the way. It works in our testing, but you know how that goes. So beware, dragons and all, and if you are so kind, let us know of any issues you might have reading or using this code. We'd like to make it absolutely fab for you, but we need you to tell us where we fail.

Any patches you might have to fix your pet peeves are very welcome, this is Open Source after all.

Quick Start

// setup
$cb = new Couchbase;
$cb->addCouchbaseServer("localhost"); // connects to Couchbase ports 11211
                                      // and 8091 by default.

// start storing data
$cb->set("my_key", "my_data");
$result = $cb->get("my_key");

// Done!


The Couchbase PHP client extends the existing client interface and adds Couchbase specific features.

All your code using will work without changes (hooray).

This client is for Couchbase and Membase releases of the 1.7.x line.

Additions to

touch() Method

Couchbase adds a method touch($key[, $expiry = 0]) that allows you to reset the expiration of a key. Previous ways of doing the same thing included sending the key's value to the server again, touch() obviates that.


  • local-cache server design docs
  • make E_ALL | E_STRICT | E_DEPRECATED compatible
  • add proper credits


php-memcached extension. libmemcached library.

Copyright & License

(c) 2011 Couchbase, Inc

Apache 2.0 licensed.

Jan Lehnardt

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