Harmony+rhyolight's brushes+own modifs (mirror, constraints)
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This fork is based on work done by mrdoob and rhyolight. I have restructured it heavily to suit my purposes. :)

The application is available under the MIT license. See license.txt for further information.

IMPORTANT! If you want to test the application, please give the tagged versions a go! They are considered relatively stable.

Planned features:

  • undo (branching?)
  • playback
  • better background (background/texture)
  • scanfill brush

Currently it provides following extra functionality:

  • improved UI (pods and panels, shortcut: keys 1-6 map to given pod/panel)
  • mirroring (horizontal, vertical, radial)
  • additional brush options (size, alpha, jitter, mode, shading)
  • brush preview
  • support for multiple pages
  • better palette (bounds + slots interpolated between those)
  • projection (restrict stroke path during painting)

You can find more information about Harmony at http://mrdoob.com/blog/post/689.

See also http://rhyolight.posterous.com/new-brushes-for-harmony-canvas-app and the development gallery at http://picasaweb.google.fi/bebraw/Harmony .

To run, just open harmony.html in a canvas-enabled web browser. You can find hotkey listing and other goodies at /js/conf.js.