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for both jswiki.net and jster....

are changes here in this github wiki reflected upstream in those two projects? or have they forked data sources?

if they share data, this is unclear on that point:

jswiki has been officially succeeded by jster.net. The wiki will still remain here and you can still edit it, though.


bebraw commented Feb 6, 2013


Very good point! We started out using jswiki data as a basis for JSter but since then it has grown quite a bit. I recall we had somewhere around 400 projects here initially but we have surpassed thousand at JSter already and it keeps on growing steadily. Focusing on JSter makes it possible for us to provide better service. Technically there isn't much we can do here (except for what I did with jswiki.org).

The changes made here are not reflected to JSter at the moment but I can definitely write a script that allows us to merge changes here upstream. I think this would solve the upstream problem you mention.

I have also a very experimental API over at JSter (not in use atm) that makes it easy to access our data through a nice and tidy REST interface. If there is interest I can revive this project on some time frame. Someone could hack up a package manager or something based on that I guess.


bebraw commented Feb 15, 2013


I made the message more neutral. Now it should be more clear jswiki is more of a community thing whereas jster.net is an opinionated alternative. Hope that helps!

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