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Audio libraries

Noël Jackson edited this page Aug 29, 2014 · 17 revisions
  • SoundManager2 JS api, but uses flash for playing audio, providing spectrum data. has experimental HTML5 branch.
  • SoundJS A JavaScript sound loading, playing and layering library designed for browser-based games to have a multi-layering sound API.
  • audiolib.js normalizing library between the two audio APIs
    • has effects, synthesis, envelopes, recording and exporting
  • XAudioJS shim for basic audio handling between the two apis
  • dynamicaudio.js Moz Audio Data API polyfill via flash.
  • audionode.js polyfill of Web Audio API using the moz audio data api.
    • done back in july so it may not still be compatible..
    • corban is one of the guys on the mozilla audio/webgl demo team
  • audiodata abstraction layer for audio data api
  • beatdetektor.js detects beats... and uses...
  • dsp.js for its DSP action, and can work with both APIs
  • Audiolet library for synthesis and composition with support for both APIs
  • music.js generates notes, intervals, chords, and scales across both APIs
  • jsmad mp3 decoder, or rather:
    • MPEG-1 demuxer
    • MPEG-1 Layer III decoder
    • ID3v2 reader
    • Will eventually be split into io.js, mpeg1.js, mp3.js and id3v2.js
  • Buzz A Javascript HTML5 Audio library
  • javascript-audio-fx
  • Alac.js - An Apple Lossless decoder in the browser
  • audia
  • howler.js defaults to Web Audio and falls back to HTML5 Audio
  • ion.Sound Small plugin for playing sounds on events
  • quicksound.js small library, defaults to Web Audio API and falls back to Flash
  • timbre.js JavaScript Library for Objective Sound Programming, synthesis, functional processing


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