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Name Dependencies Type Created Last release
Skrollr No Scrolling animations 2012-03-18 2013-07-03
SuperScrollorama TweenMax, jQuery Scrolling animations 2012-05-20 2013-07-06
Plax jQuery Mouse-tracking 2011-06-02 2013-06-21
Stellar.js jQuery Scrolling animations 2012-01-05 2013-06-17
jQuery Scroll Parallax jQuery Background Images 2011-05-26 2013-03-01
Scrollorama jQuery Scrolling animations 2011-12-21 2013-02-24
jquery.parallax jQuery Mouse-tracking 2009-04-01 2013-01-16
Parallax.js No Sliding Pages 2012-01-03 2012-09-03
Parallaxer No 2012-03-20 2012-05-24
Parallax-JS jQuery Background Images 2012-02-06 2012-03-14
Parallax Scrolling jQuery 2011-06-30 2012-01-23
Parallax Background Builder
Jquery Image Parallax jQuery
Scrolling Parallax jQuery
freshD jQuery
paralax.js No Mouse-tracking 2013-08-01 2013-09-05

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