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Javascript libraries for dealing with touch events, multitouch, normalizing across the Webkit/IE touch models, and all that jazz.

Note: these could use some categorization and better detail

touch event stuff

  • mootools-mobile - Wraps click handlers with touch and provides some custom events.
  • jquery.doubletap - Custom touch events for jQuery. Demo.
  • touch-layer - Custom events and gestures handler for touch enable mobile devices.
  • WKTouch - Hardware accelerated multi-touch drag, scale and rotate plugin for Mobile Webkit.
  • Hammer.js - A javascript library (only 2kb, but depends on jquery) for multi-touch gestures: Tap, Drag, Pinch, Hold
  • MagicTouch.js - Standards-compatible touch event polyfill to map trackpad touches to touch events. Uses NPAPI plugin.
  • Touchable - Unifies touch and mouse events
  • Touchy - Lightweight (no dependencies) multi-touch, models individual fingers
  • thumbsjs - from the PhoneGap team. Heavily tested on many devices. Mature.
  • YUI 3 touch abstraction - support for subscribing to native touch and gesture events
  • jQuery Mobile vmouse - from the jQuery Mobile team. Supports normalized handling of mouse and touch events under one event convention: vclick, vmousedown, vmouseup, vmousemove, etc.
  • interact - abstracted mouse and touch events into generic pointer events. Uses eve under the hood.
  • tap.js - A lightweight 'tap' event JavaScript plugin for mobile browsers (no dependencies)
  • tappable - A simple, standalone library to invoke the tap event for touch-friendly web browsers.
  • jsTouchLayer - A javascript based touch events library, agnostic of any javascript libraries.


  • Ember-Touch - A lightweight library for building and using touch gestures with Ember Applications.
  • Jester - Easy JavaScript gesture recognition for iPhone and iPad.
  • Mobile-Web-based-Gesture-Recognition - Based on Dollar. Demo.
  • shake.js - A custom 'shake' event plugin for mobile web browsers using device accelerometer. (Okay, not strictly touch, but it does require you to use your hand :P)



touch specific components

  • Swipe JS - carousel (aka slider) component that is touch friendly
  • Swiper - mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions
  • jQuery Mobile Pagination - touch-drag pagination between separate HTML documents or jQuery Mobile "pages"
  • wkslider - A touch–optimised UI range slider JavaScript plugin (no dependencies)
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