Markdown is cool, combining it with github is better, let's do something great !
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Welcome on my markdown style blog 😄

Recently i decided to gather in the same place usefull informations i fallen on during my learning process. Usually it was my bookemarks but it's not the best place for at least two main reasons :

  • it's not user friendly
  • how can i share them keeping the hierarchy i've made

So i decided to use github combined to Markdown in order to share to the world ressources which are useful hoping they will be useful for others. I started here with my every day technology Scala and Spark. Some Ph.D students friends joined me and we hope to build a nice resume of links but also explanation of our favorite technology and computer science subjects. It was originately open to Paris 13 University Ph.D students but any motivated person can join us.

For the moments it's mainly links resuming in few words and organized roughly but it will be filled with explanations as soon as possible.

Topics list

Computer sciences


Personal topics


It's my favorite app to get awesome news about everything i'm interested in. You will find me right there