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<project name="icons" default="all_icons">
Builds the icons for the application. The Android icons are put directly in
their respective folders in the project.
This also builds icons for Linux and Windows. they are placed in a folder named
final. There are no longer plans to use these icons, but they will be left
in place in case they are needed in the future (they probably shouldn't be kept
in the Android project, but it does not seem worthwhile to split them off).
It is assumed that imagemagick, inkscape, and optipng are installed.
To install these on Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install imagemagick inkscape optipng
We use the default PNG format. We will assume that all of the resulting images
are in the proper PNG format (i.e. PNG32).
<!-- Create the temporary directory -->
<target name="tmp_dir">
<mkdir dir="tmp"/>
<!-- Create the final directory -->
<target name="final_dir">
<mkdir dir="final"/>
<mkdir dir="final/linux"/>
<mkdir dir="final/windows"/>
<mkdir dir="final/android"/>
<mkdir dir="final/android/res"/>
<mkdir dir="final/android/res/drawable-xxhdpi"/>
<mkdir dir="final/android/res/drawable-xhdpi"/>
<mkdir dir="final/android/res/drawable-hdpi"/>
<mkdir dir="final/android/res/drawable-mdpi"/>
<mkdir dir="final/web"/>
<!-- Create a bitmap image from the vector image.
Make the image large so that there is some room
to work without degradation -->
<target name="webshortcut_png" depends="tmp_dir">
<exec executable="inkscape">
<arg value="-z"/>
<arg value="-e"/>
<arg value="tmp/webshortcut.png"/>
<arg value="-w 1024"/>
<arg value="-h 1024"/>
<arg value="gnome_icon/edited/webshortcut.svg"/>
<!-- Crop the icon.
The 1024x1024 icon has the following metrics:
Blank space top = 60
Blank space bottom = 94
Blank space left = 68
Blank space right = 86
non-blank area Size X = 1024 - 68 - 86 = 870
non-blank area Size Y = 1024 - 60 - 94 = 870
The design guidelines (
use an example padding of 4 pixels on each side of a 96 x 96 image. That is roughly 4% of the image on each side
for a total of 8% total in each direction. This means the image size needs to be approximately 109% larger than
the contents in each direction. So these are the measurements of the final icon:
total Size X = 1.09 * 870 = 948
total Size Y = 1.09 * 870 = 948
Padding top = 0.04 * 948 = 38
Padding bottom = 0.04 * 948 = 38
And this is where we need to start cropping the 1024X1024 icon:
Start X = 68 - 38 = 30
Start Y = 60 - 38 = 22
<target name="webshortcut_cropped_png" depends="webshortcut_png">
<exec executable="convert">
<arg value="tmp/webshortcut.png"/>
<arg value="-crop"/>
<arg value="948x948+30+22"/>
<arg value="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"/>
<!-- Define a macro which does the following:
1) Resize the icon to the specified size.
2) Compress the resulting PNG (per the guide icon design guide:>
<macrodef name="resize_and_optimize">
<attribute name="src-filename"/>
<attribute name="new-filename"/>
<attribute name="new-size"/>
<exec executable="convert">
<arg value="@{src-filename}"/>
<arg value="-resize"/>
<arg value="@{new-size}x@{new-size}"/>
<arg value="@{new-filename}"/>
<exec executable="optipng">
<arg value="@{new-filename}" />
<!-- Creates the Linux icon - no further editing is required, so
just copy the file. -->
<target name="linux_webshortcut_svg" depends="final_dir">
<copy file="gnome_icon/edited/webshortcut.svg"
<!-- Create the feature graphic for Android marketplace.
This has a wide size. First we resize the icon and
place it in the middle of a 1024x500 image.
Then we create the final image with a white background
and no transparency. Per the Android guidelines this is
supposed to be a 24-bit PNG. Do we need to do further
conversions to achieve this??? See: -->
<target name="ic_launcher-feature" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png, final_dir">
<exec executable="convert">
<arg value="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"/>
<arg value="-background"/>
<arg value="white"/>
<arg value="-resize"/>
<arg value="500x500"/>
<arg value="-gravity"/>
<arg value="center"/>
<arg value="-extent"/>
<arg value="1024x500"/>
<arg value="final/android/ic_launcher-feature.png"/>
<exec executable="optipng">
<arg value="final/android/ic_launcher-feature.png" />
<!-- Create the various icon sizes needed for the Android app. -->
<target name="ic_launcher-web" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png, final_dir">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="512" />
<target name="xxhdpi_ic_launcher" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png, final_dir">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="144" />
<target name="xhdpi_ic_launcher" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png, final_dir">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="96" />
<target name="hdpi_ic_launcher" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png, final_dir">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="72" />
<target name="mdpi_ic_launcher" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png, final_dir">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="48" />
<!-- The default target which builds all of the required Android icons -->
<target name="all_ic_launchers" depends="ic_launcher-web, xxhdpi_ic_launcher, xhdpi_ic_launcher, hdpi_ic_launcher, mdpi_ic_launcher, ic_launcher-feature"/>
<!-- Create the various icon sizes needed for the Windows ICO file.
See -->
<target name="windows_16" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="16" />
<target name="windows_32" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="32" />
<target name="windows_48" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="48" />
<target name="windows_64" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="64" />
<target name="windows_128" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="128" />
<!-- Builds the Windows ICO file. -->
<target name="windows_ico" depends="windows_16, windows_32, windows_48, windows_64, windows_128, final_dir">
<exec executable="convert">
<arg value="tmp/windows_16.png"/>
<arg value="tmp/windows_32.png"/>
<arg value="tmp/windows_48.png"/>
<arg value="tmp/windows_64.png"/>
<arg value="tmp/windows_128.png"/>
<arg value="final/windows/webshortcut.ico"/>
<target name="web_favicon_192" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="192" />
<target name="web_favicon_32" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="32" />
<target name="web_favicon_16" depends="webshortcut_cropped_png">
<resize_and_optimize src-filename="tmp/webshortcut_cropped.png"
new-size="16" />
<target name="web" depends="web_favicon_192, web_favicon_32, web_favicon_16"/>
<!-- The default target which builds all of the required icons -->
<target name="all_icons" depends="linux_webshortcut_svg, all_ic_launchers, windows_ico, web"/>
<target name="clean">
<delete dir="tmp"/>
<delete dir="final"/>