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To Do List for the Web Shortcut Utility Suite

  • Testing

    • PC Application
      • Test with Windows 7
      • Test with other Linux distributions: Debian, Mint, others?
    • Website
      • Test on browsers: Opera, Android, others?
  • Fix Problems

    • PC Application
      • Unicode characters in Windows - is this even fixable?
      • Fix issues on KUbuntu
    • Website
      • On Android browser, gives error when uploaded files with Unicode characters.
  • Improvements

    • PC Application
      • Create a Java/Swing "converter" utility which could be included in the installers.
      • Add support for Solaris.
      • Make Apple installer.
    • Website
      • For converter, have fixed size drag box which takes up remaining space. It should scroll if links go past end of screen.
      • Make the table in the converter fixed-width. While I like that it resizes itself to fit the data, this causes it to jump around too much as shortcuts are added and removed.
      • Improve browser support.

Notes for Creating Converter Java Application

  • Command line
    • For the GUI, use -i or --interactive, otherwise goes into batch mode.
    • --src-file or --src-folder: only one can be used. When in interactive mode, these options will auto-populate the corresponding GUI fields.
    • --dst-file or --dst-folder: Optional - if not specified use same base file name or use same directory as source folder.
    • --dst-type: url, website, or webloc (webloc uses which one as default? Follow precedence set by Android app.
  • For GUI use Swing (perhaps JavaFX could be used in future, but doesn't appear to be supported well in older JREs).
  • GUI Main screen has two sections:
    • File conversion
      • Specify a source file.
      • Specify destination type.
      • Allow to optionally specify a destination file. If not specified, use the same base file name as source file.
      • Convert button. Will show pop up errors when applicable.
    • Folder conversion
      • Specify a source folder.
      • Option to create shortcuts in place, or in a new folder (with directory structure mirrored).
      • Must specify type to convert to (need to make sure not to convert files that are already the correct type). Should there be a filter selection to limit the source shortcut extensions?
      • To convert, user must first press Preview button.
      • This shows a table of shortcuts that will be converted and the destination file name (with folders). Duplicate files will have "(#)" appended for uniqueness.
      • Then user presses Convert button. The table will be filled in with success/failure indicator (show checkbox or X icon), and will show error messages.
      • Should we include an option to delete the original file? I am hesitant to do this.
  • Global Preferences
    • Default shortcut type to generate.
    • Use Java Persistence API.
  • Have a help screen?
  • Add file/folder option in file explorer: right click on file or folder and get convert option. Use the command line options for specifying source file/folder.
  • Core code: separate conversion logic into separate class to be used by either batch mode or GUI. For folder conversion, use separate routines to generate file list and to perform conversion (corresponding to GUI Preview and Convert buttons)?
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