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<div id="pagecontent"><span class="hometitle">about us</span>
<p>Agiliq Solutions is a web development studio based in Hyderabad, India. We develop bespoke web applications using the Django web framework, and the Jquery javascript library. We work primarily with web agencies working as their technology partners.</p>
<p>We build amazing webapps.The era of static websites is long over. The limited interactivity afforded by Wordpess or any other "off the shelf" CMS will no longer suffice.Using the best tools available today, we build bespoke applications which fit your business needs exactly.</p>
- <p>Formerly, We are known as Usware Technologies.
+ <p>Formerly, We were known as Usware Technologies.
<div id="testimonials"><span class="hometitle">testimonials</span>

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